The print-ready files meet all the necessary specifications to result in a high-resolution printed outcome without the need for any additional intervention.

    ✔️The files is available as an instant download packed in ZIP archive, after completing your purchase. You will receive an email with a download link and you will get lifetime access to this graphics.

    The files are capable of being used with all cutting machines or programs. Make sure these file formats are compatible with your software.
    It can be opened by Adobe Software, Inkscape, Corel Draw, and more.

    Uniqueness of our products:

    • You can use each of our files very easily.
    • Most of our products are editable which you can easily edit.
    • We have added fonts to the files to make it easy.
    • You can also easily change the size and shape if you want.
    • Ai, EPS and SVG files are VECTOR format.

    Copyrights and Trademark:

    Our every single design is designed by our in house graphic designing team. So our every design is unique but we can't guarantee the design text/slogan. We use the best selling and Popular slogans for creating our design template which is customizable. You can easily edit design, text, font, color and shape by yourself.

    Before using the slogans, our team checks whether these design text and slogan have copyright issues or not. They took which is copyright free. But sometimes, the slogan can be copyrighted by other people. In that case, we always recommend you to check the copyright and trademark issue for the design text/slogan, before upload your design on any POD sites.

    You can check copyright and trademark by following these link below for free.



    All products come with an extended commercial license which means that you are allowed to use our products to promote a business, product, or any other service in exchange of money or other consideration.

      Acceptable uses:

      • Unlimited users working on different projects for personal or commercial use within one organization or household.
      • Infinite users are able to create customizable physical or digital items using products downloaded/purchased from us on any print-on-demand service.
      • Use of products directly in music videos, TV episodes, films or other broadcast productions with unlimited views.
      • Use of products in unlimited t-shirt, mugs, sublimation items, eBooks/printed book titles, unlimited sales.

      Non-acceptable uses: 

      • Distributing the original files downloaded/purchased from us in any manner, including selling, giving away for free, or as part of a package of products.
      • Selling or transferring the license to another company.
      • Allowing another company’s users, or users outside of your household to use products downloaded/purchased from us in any way.
      • Can't claim about copyright if you see designs of on other POD platform or personal website who are selling printable item. If you like to use these designs in unique way from others, you can edit them as our designs are editable. What license is included? Click Here 

      Important to us: We are only human, so if you find a mistake or receive a damaged file. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can fix the issue. We strive for great customer satisfaction and the designs to be the best!

      Note: Due to the digital nature of the files, We recommend, please read our policy carefully.

      If you still have any other query🤔, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our support agents will be happy to assist you.👍👍

      Thank you so much for picking this creation!