Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the world’s best marketplace for vector & svg, png t-shirt designs. Bring you amazing graphic t-shirt designs to download, made with love by some of the world's best t-shirt designers.

How do I use the coupon code?

In the top of the checkout page You find the text < Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code > . Add your coupon code there and click to apply coupon.

What do I get with my purchase?

All products are digital downloads and come in a compressed Zip format. Inside each Zip file are individual Editable Ai SVG EPS DXF PNG JPG and fonts files. Few designs are non-editable, so we didn't add Ai file, but you can easily change color and shapes by EPS format file.

How do I receive my files?

Once your payment is complete, you will be able to download each set of files directly from our website. and an email will be sent to your registered email.

How do I download files that I purchased from

You can find & downloads all your purchased item and freebies in the Downloads Page on My account.

What is a SVG file for Cricut?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic. SVG is just a fancy term for a graphic that’s not “pixelated” when enlarged and it can be used by many different programs.

An SVG file is a file that is mathematically designed, and thus works perfectly with the Cricut and other cutting machines. In contrast to being designed in pixels, like a JPG or PNG, it is created using lines and points.

How can I get these files outside of your country?

No matter where are you live in. It's not a physical product so no need to send anything to you. After a successful purchase, you will be able to download the files instantly and a download link will send to your email too.

I have bought 2 months ago, can I download the files today?

Yes, you can download it anytime. A download link sent to your email.

Can I sign up to your newsletter?

Yes! Just enter your email below, and you’ll be added to our subscription list. You’ll be sent updates, exclusive offers, and much more.

I can't open your file, how to use it?

Before using it you must have to extract the .zip (compressed) folder. If you don't know how to extract please read the user guide for unzipped.

Are these designs unique to only me?

These designs are all the same but editable to favor other niches. We do periodically add and remove some. Truth is, the design isn't so important as the audience you're selling to. Think how many times Nike has sold the same white t-shirt with a black check mark? Or how many of the same products Walmart sells as Target, Kroger...etc.

Can I resell these designs?

These shirt designs are to be sold on shirts only. This means your customer's can buy your shirts with our designs on them. The designs themselves cannot be sold separately like we're selling them as a bundle.

Do I have to deal with inventory or shipping?

No. There's are third-party print stores and other t-shirt platform companies such as: Teespring, Viral Style, Gear Bubble who will do this for you. You just focus on selling them. Even Shopify has plugins to third-party print companies that handle all the necessary shipping and handling. Or you can use Amazon.

Will this work for my Cricut machine?

Yes. These files can be easily converted to .SVG and work with all Cricut machines. We provide a training a video inside how to convert to .SVG.

Can I edit these design with affinity designer?

Yes. You can edit them using affinity designer. Please not, if you want to edit text you need to open AI file in affinity designer. You will able to edit any text, color or shape in affinity designer using the Ai file included.

How can I edit these designs?

You can edit them using free software such as INKSCAPE. You can also use paid software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Affinity Designer. I provide training inside how to edit them.

User Guide: How to open .ZIP files?

How to open .ZIP files on Mac?

For our Mac users, easy pruning to open a zip file.

• Located the zip file and double click on the file.
• Your zip file will be extracted to a folder in the same location of the original zip file.
• You can delete the zip file, if you want (I have a file hoarding program and keep ALL THE FILES!)

How to open .ZIP files on Windows 7 and Windows 10?

If you have Windows 7 or Windows 10 – here is how to open a zip file:

• Right click on the zip file and choose “EXTRACT ALL”

• Choose where you want the zip folder to be extracted


• Click the “EXTRACT” button to start unzipping (or extracting the zipped files)

• Your zip files will now be located in the location that you selected

• You can delete or keep the zip file – your choice!

How to open .ZIP file in Windows XP and Vista?

Windows XP and Vista users, here is how you open a zip folder on your computer:

• Double click on the zip file

•Next, click on “EXTRACT ALL FILES” link

•An Extraction Wizard will open – click “NEXT”

•Choose where you want your unzipped folder to go

•Click “FINISH”

•You can now find your unzipped files in the location that you selected.

•You can delete or keep the zip file.

How to open .zip file on your phone, tablet (mobile)?

•Unzip Files from Apple / iOS
iZip App – zip or unzip files via this ios app.

•Unzip Files from Android
RAR App – tried and true app to extract zip files and to zip files.

•Websites to Unzip Files

Any question?

If we still haven't answered your question, you can contact us below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.